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In July 2012 I purposely escaped my usual surroundings and rented a studio space at The Adam Pottery in Edinburgh for a month, where I began exploring ideas for a new ceramic collection.


The new work centres around the tactile form of an egg, but embellished with intricate patterns and textures inspired by nature. Familiar characteristics from existing species of animals, plants, birds, insects etc. are noticeable and so create intrigue, engaging the viewer as they try to establish what the object is.


Whilst in Edinburgh I was given access to the National Museum Scotland Collections, letting me handle fantastic specimens and engage in art/science dialogues with the curators. When viewing the egg collections I was blown away to see how many specimens of the same species some people collected. At first glance they all looked the same, but on closer inspection it was clear that there were subtle differences in colour, markings, size and form that would be of great worth to a serious collector.It instantly reminded me of a family holiday where my sister and I were collecting shells on the beach. They were all the same species but every time we spotted and picked up another it would have a slightly different patterning or colouring and we just couldn't put it down, we had to have it, even when all our pockets were overflowing!


Since Edinburgh I have been exploring the concept of mutations in nature and have been developing markings and patterns that can evolve through a series of pieces and show progression.

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